Beautiful but spoilt Vietnamese socialite, Cao Kim Lye, learns of her parents sudden death from the dashing Amerasian family chauffeur, Bryan Nguyen.

Kim steps out of a world of crystal and chandelier to enter the dust and chaos of working-class Hanoi. She finds herself living under the roof of a shop cum living quarters with Bryan and his adoptive family.

Ever conscious of the privileged class, Kim struggles against the emotional ties she forms towards Bryan, the reluctant saviour, who considers her an unnecessary hitch to his already complicated life.He still bears the scars of abandonment by his mother and his American GI father when U.S. troops pulled out of Vietnam.

Eventually Bryan and Kim’s powerful attraction to each other begins to break down the walls between them, but is their attraction enough to blossom into a love that can sustain a marriage? Check out reviews on goodreads

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A terrified Tanusha Koshi finds herself the ‘entertainment’ for a stag party. She eventually flees with the bridegroom, in a dramatic rescue, but wonders if she has simply exchanged one danger for another.

The bridegroom places a price for saving her and Tanusha has little choice but to agree.

Her attempt to put that night behind her fails when months later, the two meet again. This time, under very different circumstances.

When Tanusha lends the help that the bridegroom’s family so desperately needs, she, in turn, receives deliverance from her childhood past, but loses the battle to remain indifferent to him.

He belongs to another woman. Tanusha’s feelings for him seem futile. Can she walk away this time and not look back? Check out reviews on

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