Edifying and Empowering

We bring you real stories of powerful encounters with God.  Ordinary people with extraordinary experiences.

Who We Are!

Agape was first published in 2003 in Malaysia and operated for 7 years as a print magazine. It was unique in that it was not a “church” magazine, discussing doctrines or highlighting ministries. It brought you a collection of true stories of ordinary people doing the extraordinary through God. 

Bookstores, restaurants, other non-church outlets and individuals bought Agape in bulk and distributed to others. Now Shoba Sadler, founder of Agape Magazine has re-launched Agape in digital form. 

Shoba is an award-winning author and freelance journalist.. She also teaches healthy cooking through her workshops held at  Stonehouse Farm in Queensland, a glamping hub and a place she calls “heaven on earth”.  Her books are available at Kobo and multiple online retailers

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