I have had my books edited and beta read by people ranging from professional editors to simply avid readers and I simply cannot find anyone who can give me the feedback I am looking for to raise the standard of my literary work. Even when I have paid for professional services, they only skim the surface and point out typos, correct errors and loosely point out, jumpy transitions, weaknesses in point of view, pacing, dialogue, without any suggestions or pointers on how they can be improved.

I give you all you need for copy editing and proof-reading and at the same time, offer you structural/developmental editing. Apart from using Microsoft Word Track Changes, I also offer an overall assessment of your entire manuscript and even suggest improvements that can be made. I’ll identify loose links such as poor scenes that stunt the story and affect the flow.

If you don’t know what is structural or development editing, read this. All writers will benefit greatly from a development editor. The best movies and tv series you see are all put together by several writers. It is simply not possible for a writer to edit his own work. He is too close to his work to be able to look at it objectively. We all need a development editor, in addition to a content editor.

The greatest insight I have gained from working as a freelance journalist for twenty years and PR consultant for five years is learning how to identify WHAT IS THE STORY. This may sound like a simple matter, but very few people get this right. Whether you are writing fiction such as a novel, or non-fiction as in a biography or just want to deliver a speech at a business conference or wedding reception, the core of what you want to say MUST BE NEWSWORTHY.

Sarah Saffian, a developmental editor who specializes in memoirs is more direct with her words – “Who cares?” she asks which is similar to the question I am asking, “Is it news?”

If not, people are going to be yawning, put your book down and never get back to it or simply drift off into a day-dream because you THINK what you are saying is interesting but to those who are reading or listening, it isn’t. You need to write for the reader and not for yourself. This is why the media is the best training ground for tight and efficient writing – journalists focus on researching facts, interviewing the subject to make sure our story reflects the truth (in fiction terms it means as real as possible) perfect grammar and spelling, writing style that engages the reader from beginning to end.

I offer proof-reading, copy editing as well as structural or developmental editing all within the one price. Check me out Fiverr to place an order. If you want me to write something from scratch, I charge by the hour. Email me for rates at shoba.sadler@gmail.com